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*!*FuCk the PAIN away*!*

*!*Cause Baby You Rock Me*!*

*!*~The Stars~*!*
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Welcome To ROCK_DA_CACK !!!

So we are your mod gods....We run this place and we make sure all of you stay in line.

And the guy who RoCkS mY cAcK

You're other beautiful Mod God is....

The boy who RockS HeR CacK is....

and yea...we pretty much own you people. Follow the rules and fill out the application correctly and you will be judged....fairly ofcourse....
One recomendation...don't fight with a mod...you're only going to lose and getting banished...*!*SoRrY gUyS*!*
I am getting REALLY sick of seeing no lj-cuts up in here. If you do not use an lj cut you are automatically banished.... People up until now can redo theres but from now on in Aug.10,04 you will be auto banished.... It's not that harddddd! <~Remove the stars
name :
nickname(s) :
age :
sex :
Location :
any tattoos or piercings (pictures are always appreciated):

eating :
listening to :

what band and or artist does no one realizes you like :
what is the greatest band you know of :
what is the greatest CD you own :
if you could go back in time and erase any song what song would it be:
which song sums up your existence :
if you have a band what is its name...and if you do not have one what would you name your band :
name your fav. bands (please no more then 15)

food :
color :
book (no more then 15 please):
school subject :
band/artist :
song lyric :
line from a book :
quote from a movie :
alcoholic beverage :

what is your sexual preference :
do you have someone who rocks_your_cack (Show us a picture of you two) :
are you a virgin :
lamest pickup line you've ever heard :
best pick up line :
best sexual position :
what is the weirdest thing you or someone else has uttered during sex :
if you were a porn star, what would your name be, what would the name of your first porn be :

how do you feel about..
homosexuality and peoples right to have a gay marriage :
religion :
abortion :
labels :
drugs :

how did you find this community :
how do you like to rock_da_cack:
share with us one of your bad qualities :
what pisses you off most :
share with us a joke and or riddle...something that will make us laugh or we will have to answer...if it is a riddle that no one can answer you automatically get one extra yes added to your score :
promote this community to atleast 2 people (virgin_in_plaid will be a bitch and check I warn you). LINKY-LINKY! :


Depending on whether we like you or not you will be getting one of these banners....