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Sand in my shoes

name : Kali
nickname(s) : HEY SLUT! You, over there, freak, whorebag, walking STD and so forth.
age : 17
sex : Female
Location : Davie, FL
any tattoos or piercings (pictures are always appreciated): piercings : Tongue, belly button, eyebrow, two holes in each ear and my cartilage.
Tattoos : a heart with a rose piercing through it.

eating : Cheez-its
drinking: Diet Pepsi
listening to : Simpsons

what band and or artist does no one realizes you like : Toby Keith and Garth Brooks
what is the greatest band you know of : A Perfect Circle
what is the greatest CD you own : Mer De Noms
if you could go back in time and erase any song what song would it be: That stupid who let the dogs out song
which song sums up your existence : apfft, that changes day by day. But there is one line to a song that sums it up. You are the love I never found, which is from Just Got Wicked by Cold
if you have a band what is its name...and if you do not have one what would you name your band : Ya know.. I never really thought about that.. and.. now that I am.. nothings coming to mind
name your fav. bands (please no more then 15) A Perfect Circle, Korn, Linkin Park, Cold, Switchblade Symphony, Velvet Acid Christ, I'm too lazy to name anymore

food : tater tots
color : black, red, purple and blue
book (no more then 15 please): A Wrinkle in Time, Cutting, A Bright Red Scream, Bodies under Siege, all of the Last Vampire books.
school subject : AMT
song lyric : You are the love I never found
line from a book : dun got one
quote from a movie : We see a deadly sin on every street corner, in every home, and we tolerate it. We tolerate it because it's common, it's trival. We tolerate it morning, noon, and night. Well, not anymore. I'm setting the example. And what I've done is going to be puzzled over, and studied, and followed... forever.
alcoholic beverage : VODKA

what is your sexual preference : I like it all, baby
do you have someone who rocks_your_cack (Show us a picture of you two) : Dun got anyone at the moment
are you a virgin : hahahahahahah! Thats funny
lamest pickup line you've ever heard : How do you like your eggs in the morning?
best pick up line : Nice shoes, wanna fuck?
best sexual position : Girl on top
what is the weirdest thing you or someone else has uttered during sex : Hi, how ya doin?
if you were a porn star, what would your name be, what would the name of your first porn be : Kinky Sacramento, and A Midsummer Nights Scream ( I just came up with that. I'm great )

how do you feel about..
homosexuality and peoples right to have a gay marriage : Marriage is supposed to be a bond between two PEOPLE, not a man and a woman, per sai
religion : Everyone has the right to their own relegion. I may not agree with it, but thet're entitled to it
abortion : It's every womans choice. Personally, it's something I'd never do, but I wont judge people who do it.
labels : They're fuckin retarded.
drugs : They can be fun, as long as you don't become an addict.

how did you find this community : Dani told me about it
how do you like to rock_da_cack: any way I can! WOO
share with us one of your bad qualities : Christ.. there are so many.. I cant choose!
what pisses you off most : hypocrites and liars
share with us a joke and or riddle...something that will make us laugh or we will have to answer...if it is a riddle that no one can answer you automatically get one extra yes added to your score : Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? BECAUSE YOU KILLED HIM, YOU MONKEY KILLER!
promote this community (virgin_in_plaid will be a bitch and check I warn you). LINKY-LINKY! :http://www.livejournal.com/users/violetcola/23173.html?thread=18821#t18821

WOO, my butt!
Tattoo. Hot, aint it?

Thats all
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