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Sand in my shoes feel like razors on my feet ;x

name : Shannon Maya
nickname(s) : Shan, Shnan, Shnannon, Shannagans (ect), homie s*, onion, butthead.
age : 16.5
sex : no thank you. now if you were jessie, maybe.
Location : davie florida, yall
any tattoos or piercings (pictures are always appreciated): sadly, i dont have any pictures of my ears :( i just stretched my second lobe piercings to a 12g yesterday, and my first pair are at 0g.

eating : nothing
drinking: nada
listening to : nada (Im at work thats why)

what band and or artist does no one realizes you like : Hm..Alicia Keys, Ella Fitzgerald, a lot of "Oldies" singers & jazz atrists.
what is the greatest band you know of : Of all time? Led Zeppelin.
what is the greatest CD you own : My mix of Mp3s. Has over 150 songs on it :P
if you could go back in time and erase any song what song would it be: "I like to Move it Move it", it was a dance song in the 90's, i hated it.
which song sums up your existence : Sothing Corporates, "Good News"
if you have a band what is its name...and if you do not have one what would you name your band : "The Evil Nothing of Doom." thats what I'd name it.
name your fav. bands (please no more then 15): Hm, this is hard..Recently its been Ashlee Simpson. Others are the Spice Girls, Bright Eyes, Copeland, Goo Goo Dolls, Blink 182, Queen, Led Zep, The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Guns & Roses, & so much more.

food : I love most foods Ive tried. But if I were to live off one food for the rest of my life it'd be pasta.
color : black, red, & pink
book (no more then 15 please): Confessions of a Shopaholic (all in the series), Go Ask Alice, Breathing Underwater, ANYTHING by Han Nolan, Cut
school subject : English
band/artist : already asked this question 4 questions up ;x
song lyric : "its like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife"
line from a book : "no one ever knew that this would happen to me"
quote from a movie : "Love is like oxygen, all you need is love!"
alcoholic beverage : i'd like to steer clear of those

what is your sexual preference : opposite of me
do you have someone who rocks_your_cack (Show us a picture of you two) : yep, Donnie James. the most recent picture of us was from a few weeks ago...

are you a virgin : yes & i plan to be
lamest pickup line you've ever heard : "i'll spin your buckle!" talking about my cool "spinner" was lame haha.
best pick up line : "Hey, can you help me out here...."
best sexual position : on top of Jessie
what is the weirdest thing you or someone else has uttered during sex : " dick feels like corn"-Dane Cook.
if you were a porn star, what would your name be, what would the name of your first porn be : Roxanne Marie. Id probably be a extra though, giving the guy in the backround head or something knowing me.

how do you feel about..
homosexuality and peoples right to have a gay marriage : this one is iffy for me since Im christian. I dont think its right, but they should be given their rights. People say that if we let them get married, then people will want to marry their pets. well if theyre crazy enough to marry their pet, well then tey shold be able to also. :P but I really dont see how it affects me. it just confuses children into thinking whats right and whats wrong. (from a christian point of view)
religion : There is one God and his son was Jesus Christ. There, point made in a sentence :P
abortion : if the baby will cause harm to the mothers health, to another babies health (like if you were having twins & one was taking the nutrients) or if you were raped then I htink abortions are alright. If its not for health reasons t& you just want to get one, then youre selfish & dont care about your actions & how they kill life.
labels : we use them to describe people. its another thing thought to use them to discriminate.
drugs : I just dont like them at all (this includes all drugs including Advil & Tylenol) but at times they do good :)

how did you find this community : Jessie ;D
how do you like to rock_da_cack: Oh baby, in so many ways (haha)
share with us one of your bad qualities : Im selfish at times.
what pisses you off most : hypocrisy.
share with us a joke and or riddle...something that will make us laugh or we will have to answer...if it is a riddle that no one can answer you automatically get one extra yes added to your score :

poor kitties :(

promote this community (virgin_in_plaid will be a bitch and check I warn you). LINKY-LINKY! : In my other community, thedesirable

& just because the rules say I can...(not nude, but close) I bring you my favorite bra & undies xD

&MORE can be found here in my community.
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