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*Mod God Representing* Sand In My Shoes

name : Danielle Alexandra Mattie Wingate
nickname(s) : Dani, Figment, SweetieBuns
age : 17
sex : Female
Location : Davie Fl/Vero Beach Fl
any tattoos or piercings (pictures are always appreciated): No pics as of right this momento...but Belly Ring and a black star inbetween my hips that has a red lining and black swirls coming from the points

eating : Donut
drinking: Milk ofcourse
listening to : Fuck the pain away-Peaches

what band and or artist does no one realizes you like : David Bowie
what is the greatest band you know of : Garbage
what is the greatest CD you own : Desparacidos: Read Music Speak Spanish
if you could go back in time and erase any song what song would it be: That stupid Slipknot song that everyone became obsessed with Slipknot over
which song sums up your existence : Fuck the pain away
if you have a band what is its name...and if you do not have one what would you name your band : Punkline Purple
name your fav. bands (please no more then 15) Desparacidos, Garbage, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Cold, Coal Chamber, Get Up Kids, Something Corporate, David Bowie, Billy Idol

food : pastina
color : purple
book (no more then 15 please): Invisible Monsters, Requiem for a dream, Pure, Geek Love, We were the Mulvaneys, FoxFire, Catcher In The Rye, Youth In Revolt, Trainspotting
school subject : English
band/artist : Garbage
song lyric : Fuck The Pain Away
line from a book : The person we love and the person who loves us is never, ever the same person
quote from a movie : They're like flying death monkeys
alcoholic beverage : Malibu with blue gatorade

what is your sexual preference : Bi-curious
do you have someone who rocks_your_cack (Show us a picture of you two) : Go look at the info page...
lamest pickup line you've ever heard : Can I have some frys with that shake?
best pick up line : You have really beautiful eyes
best sexual position :Me bent over the bed him behind
what is the weirdest thing you or someone else has uttered during sex : "WHO'S YOUR DADDY"
if you were a porn star, what would your name be, what would the name of your first porn be : I would be Eden Sky and the porn would be "Requiem for a WET dream"

how do you feel about..
homosexuality and peoples right to have a gay marriage : If you're in love then you're in love. It shouldn't matter if you're a guy and a girl or a guy and a guy or a girl and a the end all that matters is that you two love eachother enough to get married and be happy. What buisness is it of anyone elses anyways?
religion : I think all that matters is that you believe in whatever you want to believe in and it makes you feel better. I just dont think people should tell other they're wrong or right about it.
abortion : Under certain circumstances.....It is deffinitly not a type of birth control though! In no way should someone go fuck without a condom and just assume a couple hundred dollars can fix the "problem"
labels : Everyone has them and everyone gives them...what matters is how seriously you take them
drugs : They're fun as shit but there will come a time when you need to give them up to continue your life

how did you find this community : I run it with shejustlaughs
how do you like to rock_da_cack: All night long in a house with no one in it so I can be as loud as I want :)
share with us one of your bad qualities : I am wayyyyy to hyper
what pisses you off most : People not listening when Im trying to help them out
share with us a joke and or riddle...something that will make us laugh or we will have to answer...if it is a riddle that no one can answer you automatically get one extra yes added to your score : A skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a beer and a mop
promote this community (virgin_in_plaid will be a bitch and check I warn you). LINKY-LINKY! : I dont have to promote shit hahahahahahaha although you all know Im going toooo


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