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name : Tatiana
nickname(s) : Tat, Hula, Maile, etc
age : 17
sex : female
Location : davie
height : 5ft 6
fav.Color and or Pattern : yellow
any tattoos or piercings (pictures are always appreciated): 12 piercings 5 in each ear, belly, and nose…I’ll post pics later
is the glass half full or half empty and no I don't mean your beer : half full

eating : nothing
drinking: nothing
listening to : the rain
feeling : sick

what band and or artist does no one realizes you like : ashlee simpson
what is the greatest band you know of : linkin park and incubus
what is the greatest CD you own : linkin park-meteora (sp?)
if you could go back in time and erase any song what song would it be: shit I don’t remember who sings it…mabe donna summer it goes “upside down, boy you trun me inside out, and round and round” UGH WTFIFUCKINGHATETHATSONGFGFNHJGFHUGIUIHUGFHN
which song sums up your existence : indestructible by matthew good band
what instruments do you play, if any : I can fully play the flute and I can pretend to play the drums…(my sets for sale…anyone wanna buy it?)
if you have a band what is its name...and if you do not have one what would you name your band : I used to be in a stupid band in middle school…we were called 15 minute failure
name your fav. bands (please no more then 15) incubus, linkin park, less than jake, jason mraz, and msi

food : poutine
color : yellow
book (no more then 15 please): the unexpected dragon (3 books in 1) by mary brown
childhood game : trouble
year in school : 8th
school subject : tech when I had schwartz
conversational subject : not sure
band/artist : oy….incubus
song lyric : too many
line from a book : too many
quote from a movie : that boy explaining the “jedi mind trick” in how to deal
era : 70s
alcoholic beverage : haven’t tried enough to decide

what is your sexual preference : male
do you have someone who rocks_your_cack (Show us a picture of you two) : he’s not my bf but I’ll post pics in a few days, since I’ll take them tomorrow when he comes over
are you a virgin : no
lamest pickup line you've ever heard : “did it hurt?” “what?” “when you fell from the sky”
best pick up line : coby’s “you look tense”
best sexual position : me on top lol
what is the weirdest thing you or someone else has uttered during sex : nothing too weird for me to remember
if you were a porn star, what would your name be, what would the name of your first porn be : lol ummm
my name would be shit I don’t know..you guys should answer that for me, it’d be funnier

how do you feel about..
homosexuality and peoples right to have a gay marriage : every person on this earth has the right to love and marry anyone of any gender they please and fuck America for trying to deny those rights that we supposedly have.
religion : not big on it, don’t care really
abortion : as said above…we should also have the right to chose whether we want a child or not, we are again being banned from our “rights”
labels : gay…although I do agree with the emo label, sorry
drugs : not my thing, mainly because my parents stalk me and know everything I do, I think it’s stupid because I lose all my friend to drugs because they’d rather get high or trip than hang out
racism : don’t even get me started on how much I hate racism…

how did you find this community : well it’s only like 4 people but it’s gonna rock!
describe yourself in five words : creative, responsible, caring, independent, and hateful lol
how do you like to rock_da_cack: with you tied to the bed
pick a word that your mommy and daddy would die if they heard you say : im a lesbian?
share with us one of your bad qualities : I’m afraid of everything
we know secretly you sit at home and A.watch some movie that is totally embarressing or B.listen to some band that is totally embarressing...share with us : I don’t watch embarrassing movies, but I am horribly afraid of E.T….embarssing music? I’d say maybe avril lavigne
make up a question and answer it : why did you go out with phillip miller? I don’t fucking know.
what pisses you off most : my mother and the fact that brian ruined everything for me and jason
share with us a joke and or riddle...something that will make us laugh or we will have to answer...if it is a riddle that no one can answer you automatically get one extra yes added to your score :
you have to answer!!!!
promote this community ( virgin_in_plaid will be a bitch and check I warn you). LINKY-LINKY! : I need a pic, or how do I link it ?? well I promoted in _1promote1_

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